Killing Floor by Lee Child


“Do it once and do it right and do it quickly”
Lee Child, Killing Floor

As my current read is Tripwire, the 3rd Jack Reacher novel, I thought I’d give a review on the book that started it all off.

Synopsis:  Killing Floor is the first book in the Reacher series, it’s a thriller/crime novel set in Margrave, Georgia. Reacher is an ex-military cop who’s not stayed in the same place for too long and as he’s passing through Margrave, he is arrested for murder. He knows he didn’t do it but it doesn’t look like anybody there is going to believe him.

After a detective Finlay finds a phone number in the dead mans shoe, he calls the number and finds out the guys name, Mr Hubble. They bring Hubble into the police station for questioning and he confesses to the murder rather quick, a bit too quick and Reacher doesn’t believe that Hubble is the one who did it.

After a couple of days in jail, Reacher proves his innocence to a female police officer, Roscoe. Reacher later finds the murder is closer to home than he thought and immediately gets involved in finding the person who killed his brother.


Review: I started reading Killing Floor simply because I saw the Reacher books in every second hand store and they just kept looking at me, the covers are so pretty it was hard to look away!

Unlike most thrillers I found Killing Floor really fast paced and easy to get into. Margrave is made out to be this lovely small community where everybody knows everybody but as the book goes on more and more is revealed and the community is found to have a lot of secrets and drama hidden under the woodwork – this I love!

Nearer to the end the story starts slowing down a bit but then.. the ending happened! I love an amazing ending and this ending made me close my book and just think ‘wow.’ I was excited to read the rest of the series and so happy that I found a new love.

Reacher himself is an amazing character, mysterious and beautiful but simple too. “One of the sexiest characters in fiction” – Karin Slaughter. The author doesn’t give away everything you need to know about Jack Reacher straight away which is amazing as there is another 19 books to get to know him, 20 if you include the one coming out this year in November!

EXCITED.gif                                             (Gifs from

The only thing that I didn’t like at first was all the full stops and comma’s Lee Child used, take this paragraph for example.

“The diner was small, but bright and clean. Brand new, built to resemble a converted railroad car. Narrow, with a long lunch counter on one side and a kitchen bumped out back. Booths lining the opposite wall. A doorway where the center booth would be.”

As the story goes on there is less of this and you don’t find it as much in his later Reacher books, all in all Lee Child is an amazing writer and I love his style.

If you’re a lover of crime fiction and mystery based stories you will love this book, it’s a great suspense novel. Please just go read it!!

Overall Rating:  5_star_rating_system_5_stars

Sarah xoxo


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