Liebster Award 2.0

I was recently nominated for my second Liebster Award by the lovely Roisin! (You can find my first one here) I love getting tags, they’re fun, easy going posts to write up and it helps you keep your blog updated when you’re stuck for new ideas 😉 so thank you Roisin, here we go!


The rules are:

  1. Thank whoever nominated you.
  2. Post 11 facts about yourself (optional)
  3. Answer the 11 questions you have been given
  4. Nominate at least 5, but no more than 11 other bloggers
  5. Create 11 other questions for your nominees

Okay so I’m going to try and give you 11 new facts about myself so you can all get to know the girl behind the blog..

  1. I have anxiety which is now a lot more controlled than it used to be
  2. I had braces for over 2 years
  3. and I stopped wearing my retainers after a few month (I HATE RETAINERS)
  4. I have a chocolate lab named Cookie :D.                                         
  5. I live with my boyfriend of 5 years
  6. I get excited quickly when Christmas starts becoming a common conversation! I LOVE CHRISTMAS
  7. I’m a Support Worker (care for individuals with a range of disabilities)
  8. I get scared going to the toilet on a night and run back to my bedroom so the monsters don’t grab me :’)
  9. I’m open minded, there’s some things I don’t believe in but will never doubt that it could be true/real..
  10. Older men are attractive, Mark Harmon, Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Simon Cowell (hehe) there’s more but I’ve probably came of strange enough..
  11. I hate Harry Potter (bye bye followers) 😦

Questions from Roisin:

  1. What music has stuck with you the most and (if it’s not too personal) why? The good oldies, Bob Marley, Cher & Meat Loaf. Mainly because of my parents singing their hearts out to them from when I was young.
  2. Do you have a favourite book or genre of books? If so, what is it? Horror/thriller! It’s hard to find a book that really spooks me but I love being scared of a book 😀
  3. What would you consider the coolest thing you’ve ever done? I’m so not cool man.. I tried a cigarette when I was 12 and went straight home to tell my mam as I felt guilty, I’m just not cool!! :’D
  4. What’s your favourite memory and why? OMG there’s so many, most include my whole family being around, my brothers are the most hilarious people you’ll meet and my mum cracks up in laughter fits when we’re all together. I love those moments.
  5. Favourite smell? The smell of set aftershave on a guys jumper or the smell of the winter air around Halloween & Christmas
  6. How do you get yourself motivated? Listen to music or just telling myself over and over that I can get up and go
  7. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had? Okay so when I was little I had a nightmare that has stuck with me and it’s so bizarre because I was so scared! I remember sweating and going to my mam in tears but now it’s so freaking funny! Basically.. Dracula chased me and my grandma through caravans at a holiday park, I don’t know if he ever caught us..
  8. What do you see as your greatest achievement? It might not be a big one to some of you but going to college, studying for 2 year then getting a job. This is a big achievement to me because I was unable to go to school for years due to my anxiety.
  9. What’s your biggest goal in life? To move to New York City and have a happy little family
  10. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Why/why not? Yes and no, I am when it comes to simple tasks such as cleaning and putting things in the right place, correct order etc.. but things that are more of a challenge I don’t mind, we’re all supposed to make mistakes, nobody’s perfect.
  11. What’s your favourite past time (blogging doesn’t count!)? READING, READING, READING. I love reading and it passes time SO quick!

Ahhh, so now I have to come up with my own questions, this is the difficult part..

  1. Who’s your favourite person in the entire world?
  2. What’s your dream job?
  3. What character are you most alike, TV/Movie/Book ?
  4. What hobbies do you have (other than blogging)?
  5. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
  6. What get’s you really excited!?
  7. Do you have a nickname, if so, what is it?
  8. Sun or Snow?
  9. Countryside or City?
  10. What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
  11. If there was something you could learn more about, what would it be?

These questions get so hard because I genuinely want to know about you guys so I want to make them interesting! Ahhh, hope ya’ll enjoy.

I nominate these beautiful bloggers:

  1. Em
  2. Tanya
  3. Chloe
  4. Gaëtane
  5. Holly
  6. Jay
  7. Mia
  8. Kate

Sarah xoxo


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