Dream Crate by Loot Crate

Okay guys so I’m sure you have all heard of these amazing subscription boxes everyone is raving about? There’s so many bloggers and YouTubers that do un-boxing’s of their goodies from different companies and Loot Crate is just one of many.


Loot Crate, the geek subscription service, is looking to find out what fellow geek, gamers, and fans would do if they had the power to box up the crate theme of their dreams.

So I’ve been asked what I would include in my dream crate and I think this is going to be hugely impossible but because it is a dream crate lets get adventurous shall we?

I don’t know about you guys but I am obsessed with a LOT of things so I would love just a massive box to turn up on my door full of the things I’m passionate about. But let’s keep it geeky so I won’t keep you here forever.

The Walking Dead cast

At the moment a lot of you may know I am obsessed with TWD and to be truthful I have been since it first started so I mean if you can send Norman Reedus to my door that would be FAB. But realistically how cool would it be to get some comic com tickets in a box to meet your favourite cast members from your all time favourite shows? I think this would be amazing and appealing to everybody.

Other than that I’d love some of The Walking Dead merchandise, a couple of signed comics would be cool but something more simple I think I’d be happy with a bunch of Funko Pops! I need a Daryl Dixon and Negan Funko!


Now any box that comes to my door with books in it has simply made my day, a box full of books would do me but I also adore bookish merchandise, bookmarks and things to bling up your bookshelves a little, yano? Cute little bookish goodies! Oh and also I’d like some goodies of or by Stephen King or Chris Carter, both authors are amazing, I’d love to meet them and receive something signed of theirs.


Okay, I just LOVE horror! Horror books and horror movies just have me hooked. So any Funko pop characters I’d enjoy such as, Scream or Freddy Kruger then after that any cool graphic designs or clothing etc with unique horror pieces on it would be pretty fun too, for example, I’d love something with The Shining’s hotel carpet pattern on maybe like a rug? How cool would that be!?


I think it would be pretty awesome to receive premiere tickets to a film you’ve been wanting to watch too wouldn’t it? I’d of loved to have got premiere tickets for when Twilight first came out.

That’s all the geeky stuff I can think of right now but just know they’re just some of many ideas I have swimming around, I like many people love getting things delivered to their door and for Loot Crate to ask me to come up with a quirky post for them has seriously made me happy so thank you all at Loot Crate!

Other than geeky things if we’re dreaming I’d like two return tickets to New York City for over Christmas please (hehe) some NYC merchandise would be ideal too though! – I could go on forever.

Thanks again to Loot Crate and I hope you have all enjoyed reading, I can’t wait to get some boxes of my own this year.

What would be included in your dream crate?

Sarah xoxo




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