The Caller by Chris Carter



Title: The Caller

Author: Chris Carter

Publisher:  Simon & Schuster UK

Publication Date: February 23rd, 2017

Page count: 480

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime

After a tough week, Tanya Kaitlin is looking forward to a relaxing night in, but as she steps out of her shower, she hears her phone ring.  The video call request comes from her best friend, Karen Ward.  Tanya takes the call and the nightmare begins.

Karen is gagged and bound to a chair in her own living room.  If Tanya disconnects from the call, if she looks away from the camera, he will come after her next, the deep, raspy, demonic voice at the other end of the line promises her.

As Hunter and Garcia investigate the threats, they are thrown into a rollercoaster of evil, chasing a predator who scouts the streets and social media networks for victims, taunting them with secret messages and feeding on their fear. – Goodreads

The Caller is the 8th book in the Robert Hunter series, Robert is a homicide detective with the LAPD. The series starts with ‘The Crucifix Killer’ when Hunter gets a new partner, they both are working to find a murderer who is on a massive killing spree. After that they work case after case together, to catch messed up murderers just like the one in Chris Carter’s new release. I received an ARC of The Caller from Simon & Schuster UK and I’ve never been more excited to read a book than this one, since reading the first in the Hunter series I have been hooked and I’ve never looked back.

The Caller is again just like the other 7, an exceptional read! Chris Carter really blows crime thrillers out of the water and I’ve yet to find someone I enjoy reading more than Carter’s work. Chris keeps things relevant and realistic, he really gets you thinking and he gets into your mind in a way no other author can do, he knows how to freak you out. This book is based on modern technology and the realities of using social media. It is written in a way that you feel unsettled about your own personal online presence.

Each of the books in the Hunter series can be read as standalone’s but I would defiantly recommend starting right at the beginning, I now have such a feel for the main characters and the writing from Carter that I never thought I would have had if I started somewhere in the middle.

Just like the others in the series, The Caller has scenes that are disturbing and creepy, they could really give you nightmares. I see this series as the book versions of the Saw franchise. So if you don’t like gore and pain I wouldn’t recommend it but there’s not a lot that does bother me, finally, there are some books that can really spook me.

Although I did love this book and the concept of it all, it wasn’t my favourite in the series, number 6, An Evil Mind, has given me really high expectations now as that one really blew my mind and I don’t think The Caller or the one before, I Am Death, really lived up to it. There was a lot of shocking moments, moments where I could nearly feel the pain of what the victims were going through but the whole story itself wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped it be. Chris Carter’s writing is still fantastic and the attention to detail is amazing, although I did find a lot of spelling mistakes in this one that pulled me away from the story every now and then.

All in all, it was a fun read for me and I don’t think I’ll ever stop reading Carter’s books, especially this series, I’m addicted!

Thank you so much, Simon & Schuster UK for sending me this ARC in lightening speed! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my read.

Overall Rating: 5_star_rating_system_3_stars

Sarah xoxo


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