May Wrap-Up

Hey guys, happy June! I hope May was a good month for you all and have enjoyed the books you have read. I managed to read 9 books this month, this is the largest amount of books I’ve read in one month ever! It might not be a lot to some, but I can’t believe I actually read that much.

Here are the books I’ve read and my thoughts on them.You can stay updated on what I’ve finished reading and what I’m currently reading here on Goodreads.

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January Wrap Up

I’ve decided I’m going to start doing some monthly book wrap ups, to show you what I’ve been reading! I’m not sure if this is a good idea as some months I can barely get through one book but I’m determined to read more this year so we’ll just see how it goes!

Starting in January though, I’ve managed to read 8 books! You can find out what I’m reading and what I’ve read here on Goodreads.

But to make it simple I’ll show you the books I’ve read with the synopsis, a little statement on what I thought and a rating out of 5.

Let’s get on with it!

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